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Wild Explorer

Lion fish are a growing problem in the Caribbean because they are not native.  Learn how a local solution can change the game in reef conservation.

Watch Justin Grubb eat raw termites in the jungles of Trinidad and Tobago and learn about the importance of these insects in the food chain.  yahooooooooo

Explore Dunston Cave in Trinidad and see the rare oil bird up close.  Learn why these birds are incredible and what conservation issues they face in the wild.

Learn how the Toledo Zoo Aquarium got some of their fish as Justin and Toledo Zoo Aquarium staff go on a collection trip in Long Island, New York.

See Justin SCUBA dive in the new 90,000 gallon Pacific Reef tank at the Toledo Zoo Aquarium and watch as he feeds the many tropical fish in the aquarium.

Get up close to the new sharks in the Toledo Zoo’s touch tank located in the Aquarium.  Learn all about the hornshark and why it gets it’s name.

Get to know the animals in the Toledo Zoo’s Ocean Lab and see a starfish use it’s pyloric stomach to digest food with the aid of time lapse photography.

Learn about how Tink the green sea turtle made the journey from Florida to the Toledo Zoo and see Tink explore the Gulf Coast Aquarium for the first time.

Behind the Scenes

Biologist Justin Grubb hangs out with a giant nesting leatherback turtle in Trinidad.

Videographer Alex Goetz in Tasmania filming wildlife for the Toledo Zoo.