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Conservation Videos

Learn about the Ohio Hellbender Partnership and how the Toledo Zoo rears hundreds of hellbenders to be released in to the wild.

The Toledo Zoo helps endangered Mitchell’s Satyr butterflies by working with wild and captive populations. Watch the video to learn more.

Bee’s are an essential part of our lives and without them, the ecosystem can become unbalanced.  Click to learn more about the importance of these pollinators.

Polar Bear habitat is shrinking because of the reduction in sea ice.  This video explores how the Toledo Zoo pushes to learn more about these animals.

Rhinoceros hornbill’s are incredible birds living in southeast Asia.  They are in trouble because of deforestation.  The Toledo Zoo is on a mission to protect these birds in the wild and has formed partnerships with local entities to help these birds in the wild.

Unique to the Island of Aruba, these rattlesnakes are a rare sight out on the National Park of Arikok.  The Toledo Zoo works with these snakes in the wild to better understand their plight and to protect their habitat from development.

Ohio has many incredible species of turtles, but they are quickly losing habitat.  Watch this video to see how researchers are working against the clock to understand the ecology and populations of these native reptiles.

Northwest Ohio used to be covered in wild flower prairies but because of urbanization, these prairies are disappearing.  Wild Toledo at the Toledo Zoo has a program to restore these prairies and promote the return of wildlife.

Wild Toledo releases hundreds on monarch butterflies.

Get a bee’s eye view of the Wild Toledo prairies.

Learn about hands on learning with Wild Toledo Zoo camp.