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Conservation Explorers

Junior Field Researcher Camp Details

The camp is open to kids, ages 11-14, who are interested in learning about science and the outdoors.  There are three summer sessions at the beginning, middle and end of summer.  Children can be enrolled in different sessions more than once.  The price for a single session is 275 dollars for members and 300 dollars for non members.  The camp lasts for five days and starts at 9:00 am and ends around 3:30 pm.

Experience of a Lifetime

Does your son, daughter or grandchild naturally gravitate to the outdoors and love finding animals?  The Junior Field Researcher Camp is the perfect Zoo Camp for those interested in working outside in the field and willing to get dirty in the name of science.  The camp is taught by two highly skilled teachers and Wild Toledo Biologists. The age group of the camp is ages 11 – 14 and campers will learn about different field methodologies, native animals, research projects, animal behavior and more.


Campers will get a variety of experience working on several of the Wild Toledo Conservation projects including turtle trapping, looking for salamanders and snakes, catching butterflies and insects in the prairies, tracking box turtles, checking blue bird boxes and much more.

Campers get to observe a wide array of native wildlife and interaction with animals in their natural habitat is a key component of the conservation explorer camp experience.

Campers learn various field researching techniques that they can build upon throughout their entire educational career.  here, campers learn about radio-telemetry and box turtles.

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