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Toledo Zoo Elephant Husbandry

The Toledo Zoo leads the country in top notch care and enrichment with our collection of African Elephants.  Due to our interest in captive elephant welfare, the Zoo decided that our Conservation Today funds for elephants should support those interests in elephant care in under developed countries.  Wildlife SOS efforts towards the  confiscated elephants in India are extensive and the amount of elephants they care for daily is ever increasing. Over the past 2 years, the government of India has asked/assigned SOS Wildlife the task of caring for elephants that are confiscated from inappropriate holders.

The Toledo Zoo provides funding for Wildlife SOS as well as educational videos on the husbandry of elephants in captivity.  These videos describe the techniques used by the Toledo Zoo and include proper elephant foot care, nutrition and enrichment.

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is addressing the problem of injured and sick elephants, made to work in stressful and oppressive conditions. Their aim is to reach out to lone elephants, wounded and dehydrated on the street, which do not have access to proper medical care. The Captive Elephant Welfare Project aims to bring about a change in the state of the captive elephants in Delhi and other areas by providing veterinary support to the elephant owners and mahouts. They work closely with the elephant owners, as it has been shown that many of them are concerned about the changing laws where captive elephant trading has been banned by the Indian Government. Wildlife SOS believes that mahouts and elephant owners should be encouraged to adopt alternative livelihood options. Wildlife SOS envisions the end of trafficking of wild elephants for captivity as one of its long term goals.

At Wildlife SOS, Asha is getting a checkup by the Vet staff.

Laxmi the elephant at Wildife SOS

Suzi, Asha and Lakhi hanging out and playing at Wildlife SOS