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Toledo Zoo Conservation

Wild Toledo

The Toledo Zoo’s conservation initiative focused on local wildlife.  Wild Toledo has many research projects currently underway in the Midwest which include conservation work with turtles, salamanders, prairies and more!

Youth Conservation Camp

Learn from Toledo Zoo biologists by working alongside them in the field and get hands on experience with working with wild animals. This camp is for 11-14 year olds and is offered 3 times during the summer.  Click to learn more.

Native Prairies

The Toledo Zoo is planting native prairies in the Toledo Zoo and building partnerships through prairies around the Toledo area.  Click to learn the benefits of having these natural areas and how they help local wildlife.

Conservation News

Spring Means Spotted Turtles

Spring Means Spotted Turtles

     I feel I spend more time in meetings and behind a computer screen than I ever have prior to this in my career.  While this is a good place to be during the winter months, I begin to...
DIY Meets Turtle Tracking

DIY Meets Turtle Tracking

A little over a year ago, a colleague and I began discussing ways to make our research more affordable. At the time, he had been making his own quadcopters and recently designed a moonlight sensor for use in bat studies....